Project Location‬

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year‬



Ozkar REIC

Total Construction Area‬

43.000 m2

Project Category‬


Project Status‬


The project area is located in the Göktürk Quarter of Eyüp District of Istanbul. It is 30 km away from Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and 20 km away from New Airport. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge connections increase accessibility to other bridges with Asia.

There are many luxury housing projects in the vicinity of the project which is approximately 1 km away from Göktürk neighborhood center. Considering the surrounding constructions, it was aimed to design a housing project that is not high-rise, has high living standards, meets daily needs and is a whole with nature. Inspired by green roof / green building applications which have many examples in the world, green roof was designed. Green roofs provide both the restoration of the natural environment and energy and insulation efficiency.

In the project area, a large common area design was made in the middle of the buildings. The common area is supported by strong landscape designs, water elements and recreational activities. A social center was designed on the lower floor of water use. Green and under construction are reserved for underground parking.

The buildings designed in the project area have a total of 6 floors including the roof play. When the surrounding structures are examined, it is seen that the design in the project area is adapted to the silhouette.