Çorum Forum Shopping Center Façade Renewal



Project Location

Corum, Turkey

Project Year



Atlas Yatırım

Total Construction Area‬

99.000 m2

Project Category‬

Façade Renewal

Project Status


It was requested to renovate a building and design the facade which has no function for 7 years in the central district of Çorum. The location of this project which is the first shopping center of the city of Çorum, is quite accessible for the people. The shopping center includes 183 shops, and 20 percent will be allocated to local people, it is aimed to preserve the culture of local trading. Considering the craftsmen that are about to be forgotten, the investor aims to revive these crafts by dedicate them 5 percent of shops. The design of this building is completed in 2016 which was purchased in 2015, and construction began. It is aimed to open in 2018.

The basic principle in this design was to escape the image of the massive mass. Enriched with many openings and terraces. The entrance of the shopping center is designed through a wide eaves and from the upper level, thus reducing the feeling of confined space. A sustainable design has been achieved using many facade plantings. The inclined glass openings on the roof provided the necessary lighting inside the shopping center.