Mixed Use

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year



The Emlak Konut REIC

Total Construction Area

43.000 m2

Project Category‬

Mixed Use

Project Status


Abbasaga Mixeduse Sketch

A project, supported by trade units and landscape elements, shaped by the use of natural slope, enriched with public spaces was designed.

In this project, the landscape is based entirely on the construction of a street texture. In this project, which will be designed with the logic of ‘non-gated housing’ and live outside life, there are surprise streets formed by blocks and a large square. These ‘public’ areas are the most important axes opening to the shopping street constructed within the project area. The design of the benches, lamps and signs that form the texture of the street should also support the concept. The spaces formed between the blocks are to create parks, commercial areas, hard floors, landscaping areas and living spaces that integrate with the city.

Abbasaga Mixeduse Sketch

Large showcase of shops complement this street texture. The pavement design, which can be neglected in gated site design, is in an important position in this project which is planned to be intertwined with city life. The pavements are designed as spaces that expand into places.

With this feature, the pavement can serve as an intermediate space in some places directly from the street to the apartment.