Mesa Antalya

Mixed Use

Project Location

Antalya, Turkey

Project Year



Mesa Mesken

Total Construction Area

108.994,18 m2

Project Category

Mixed Use

Project Status


MESA Antalya

Since creating sustainable and humane living spaces is the main starting point of the project, it was aimed to find the correct site-mass settlement scheme with various environmental analysis methods. Different mass alternatives were evaluated in terms of energy consumption, wind, sun and landscape orientation. The orientation of the blocks, taking into account the wind flow, shadow maximization, ideal landscape orientation, and floor decrements were made. It was aimed to transfer the existing natural texture to residential living areas by preserving the existing trees and increasing the green areas in floor gardens and terrace floors.

MESA Antalya
MESA Antalya Terace
MESA Antalya
MESA Antalya Commersive Area
MESA Antalya Common Space