Project Location‬

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year‬



Artas Construction

Total Construction Area‬

20.000 m2

Project Category‬


Project Status‬


Florya Avrupa Houses is a luxurious residence complex, containing 80 high quality apartment units in 8 blocks. It is as the name implies, located in Istanbul, Florya district, between the intersection points of main vehicles axis of Istanbul. The most important features of the project lies within the harmony of the overall facade and the recreational area design. Buildings overall height matches the neighborhoods low profile, therefore a challenge for different perspectives that serves within inner openings in the residences.

In particular, each block entrance is designed to be 1.00 m above the road level to ensure that the entrance of duplexes looks better in the landscaped garden. No partitions were allowed to block the view of the landscape on the facades, as the venues such as the living room, dining area and kitchen, which have visual contact to the green and water-intensive area where the landscaping was arranged within the site. Especially intensive use of green and water is the basis of garden design.

Natural compact laminate, natural stone, composite panels, wood and glass are used as the material in order to maintain that calm warmth that water element and greenery areas give to the whole site. Multi-purpose sports area, kindergarten and playgrounds in the site were placed in the green areas. Pools and pergolas surround by grass fields and large flower pots. The entrance, to the social facilities just below this delightful area, provided in the middle with a transparent glass cube that will not divide green in this area.