Residential High-Rise

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year



Artaş İnşaat

Total Construction Area

283.000 m2

Project Category

Residential High-Rise

Project Status

Under Construction

The project is located parallel to the Şişli TEM highway, within the forest, at a distance that can be considered as a neighbor to the industrial zone and Türk Telekom Arena. At the same time, this area which can be called as central in terms of location is also very close to Dolmabahçe Tunnel, Atatürk Airport, Bosphorus Bridge and FSM Bridge.

Commercial, residential, social activities, education, health and religious units were included in the area. This dwelling located in the forest is capable of distribution and orientation to the city in terms of location and offers a natural life design in the center of the city. The design approach of the project, which will serve in this center, is to create a town effect with lagoon in forest and mountainous areas. For this reason, there are often water effects and green color dominance in the area.

As a concept throughout the project, we come across town-type houses and structures. In this architectural approach, which starts with the perception of life intertwined with nature, it is possible to see broken roof systems, terraces and wooden facades. The buildings are positioned optimally on the main axes and the public structures within the project are connected to each other. The common characteristics of these buildings, which have different characters and typologies, have been settlements and their way to the forest. These buildings, which were designed with completely modern architectural approaches, were supported with wooden mass movements and the aim was to create a perception of area determination. The carriageway passing through the middle of the campus is designated as the main axle and the pedestrian roads around it are defined with wooden floors. When the overall project is considered, it is seen that white and tones are dominant. The reason for this is to integrate the warm and rustic effect of wood with the dynamism of the city and provide a modern appearance.