Mixed Use

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year‬



Artas Construction

Total Construction Area

450.000 m2

Project Category

Mixed Use

Project Status

Under Construction

Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler
Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler

Avrupa Konutları a brands created by Artas Construction, which is one of Turkey’s biggest construction firms and the name means “Europe Houses”. In this sense, Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler project is the first project of this brand to be built in the Anatolian part of Istanbul. The project is located in Ümraniye, one of the biggest districts of Istanbul. The region which is closer to the Ataşehir District, where the socioeconomic status is better, is also very close to the European side and the a class office areas through the bridge connection. The Yamanevler district, where the project is constructed, is one of the most central places of the province. In the region, there are small trade, industrial areas and business centers that have been transformed from those areas. The project area is also built in such an industrial area that has remained ineffective.

There is a university area on the neighboring parcel of the project area. There is no branded housing project in this area. For this reason, the Yamanevler project is planned to increase the number of branded residential projects in the Ümraniye region where the transformation has started and to make the region a prestigious area.

Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler
Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler

The project will develope the region and add value to the location in terms of the content and the possibilities it provides. The plot area is 61.000 m2 and the total construction area of the project is 472.000 m2. When the project is completed, there will be 1672 units, 2 office blocks and trade areas, and approximately 5000 people daily.

Function Diagram
Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler Diagram

Towards the highway, there are outdoor sports facilities at the end of the ongoing project with residential areas and large landscaping areas. Designed with a modern architectural approach, the blue and reflective glass material used to refer to the sky is used because it is higher than the surrounding buildings in the front of the project. 90% of the landscape in the project area consists of green areas and water elements.

Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler

The Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler Project is the first branded housing project around. The region has started to develop as a locality. However, the presence of decentralized empty industrial areas in the region has allowed the region to not enter the capital of the investors. For this reason, the project here will open up the investments in the region. It will provide more jobs to people living and working here. They will offer them a social center and a meeting area.

Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler Social Facility
Site Plan
Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler Master Plan