Mixed Use

Project Location

Ankara, Turkey

Project Year‬



The Emlak Konut REIC

Total Construction Area

583.000 m2

Project Category

Mixed Use

Project Status

Under Construction

Başkent Emlak Konutları
Başkent Emlak Konutları Green Corridor

Baskent Emlak Konutları Project is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The project, which takes its name from the Mühye Village of Ankara where it is located, draws attention with its proximity to the city center. It is surrounded by Middle East Technical University, one of the best universities in Turkey, and a large forest area. The project, which draws attention with its proximity to the transportation axes, is located in one of the most unique areas of the city. The Project, which was built on the top of a lush valley, is located on the topography, looking over the valley from the top. And it rises on the border where the city texture and the green meet. Thanks to these features, it is aimed to design a project, where each building is presented with a unique view, that is away from a “hyper” mental but close to an architectural understanding that is in harmony with nature.

While designing the Başkent Emlak Konutları Project, it is creating a self-sufficient living space in the city was planned. In this context, it is desirable to design a project that has social spaces, educational institutions, mosques, shopping areas, and at the same time with intelligently designed apartments. At the same time, the project should be in harmony with the topography where it is located and the green horticultural areas within it should not be damaged.

Başkent Emlak Konutları Shopping
Başkent Emlak Konutları

In the project area, the structures were placed in accordance with the slope and therefore the excavation costs were reduced to the minimum. In addition, it is important that the buildings are located in a countryside environment like rural Ankara, where the buildings are directed to the south and light is taken, which will save energy. Sustainability is supported not only by rainwater harvesting and gray-water systems, but also by the conservation of green spaces around the project area.

In the future mega-projects, it is very important to give people not only a living space but also education, religious and social rights. Only this way, self-sufficient spaces can be created. And these areas address the entire region.

Başkent Emlak Konutları Garden
Başkent Emlak Konutları
Başkent Emlak Konutları Skecth