Chekhov Street Retail Concept


Project Location

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Project Year



AKFA Group

Total Construction Area

26.300 m2

Project Category


Project Status


Chekhov Street Mixed Use Concept Location

The project area is located in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. Amir Timur Square, Museum of Applied Arts and Pakhtokor Stadium are all in the vicinity.Chekov Street is about 3.1 miles from Tashkent International and Vostochny Airport.

There is a parking area and a Museum on the Shakhrisabz Street side of the Project Area.The project area is located on the same island parcel as the Moskva State University on the chekhov street side.The grounds are fronted by Taras Shevchenko and Shakhrisabz Streets and have a strategic corner location.

It is aimed to carry the circulation inside the project area and to design the pedestrian arrangement between the blocks in an organic way. In the mass organization of the shopping center, canyons were investigated by taking inspiration from nature for the relationship between open space and mass. The project gives a canyon feel with its organic forms and a fluid circulation network.