Retail / Canopy Design

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

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Total Construction Area

- m2

Project Category

Retail / Canopy Design

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In urban environments the microclimate and spacial comfort are mainly influenced by the wind conditions, which are strongly influenced by high-rise buildings and other man-made structures. For Emaar Square Project we made some wind analysis and researches on the site to explore, firstly the main effects that influence the wind movement and secondly the discomfort areas caused by wind. As mentioned above, a design is that covers the circulation area to prevent the wind coming from top. Also, it is important that this design can focus on problematic areas in order not to lose the feeling of open space, so the air cannot be abandoned. Therefore, it is considered to design canopies in the project area. Since this method will cut the wind from the top and it can be constructed easily and more aesthetically than the others, it has increased to the first rank in the order of our proposals.