Project Location

Kayseri, Turkey

Project Year



Erciyes University

Total Construction Area

7.627 m2

Project Category


Erciyes Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Hospital, not only for the city of Kayseri, which is also a very important project for Turkey. The project area is located within the boundaries of Erciyes University Hospitals in Kayseri, which is approximately 4 hours away from the capital city, Ankara. There are only 5 hospitals in the city with an oncology unit, only 2 hospitals with a child oncology unit, and one of them is a private hospital and can not address the whole community. In this context, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology unit planned as an addition to the Children’s Hospital to become Turkey’s largest and most comprehensive pediatric hematology and oncology hospital, which has a great importance for the entire country.


From the analyzes made in the project area, 5 points to be emphasized in the design were determined. These are,

  • Based on the proximity of the project area to both the bus and tram stops, it is necessary to design the entrances and exits in such a way that access is easily ensured.
  • The hospital to be built in the project area needs to be connected to the main building since this oncology unit will be constructed as an extension to the main children hospital.
  • The patient rooms must not look to the north in the hospital unit to be designed in the project area. For this reason, the view of children’s play areas, patient rooms and children’s common areas should be to the south, the building core and entrance areas to the north.
  • Due to the treatment of patients who will stay in the project area, the creation of hepafiltered areas within the hospital is a priority issue in terms of a healthy treatment.
  • Since the occupants of the structure and its main function is oriented towards children, a child-friendly, colourful and comforting design is set to envelope the function which would usually repel children. Rather making it a welcoming home-like environment.