Cultural Center‬

Project Location‬

Kayseri, Turkey

Project Year‬



Melikgazi Municipality‬

Total Construction Area‬

35.000 m2

Project Category‬

Cultural Center‬

Project Status‬


Since it is a remote area but one of the greenest areas of the city, the primary objective is to attract young people to the region and to make the area an activity center with various functions. In order to make it an activity center, the project area includes sports, worship area, exhibition area, large square, a green landscape etc. areas are recommended. Since it is located in the middle of the natural area and has a very strong view, it is recommended to use the colors reflecting Kayseri in architecture.

The architecture of the mosque designed in the square has been influenced by the Kumbet architecture that will reflect Kayseri.

In addition, the orientation of the area is given towards Mount Erciyes.

Due to the fact that the soil of the project area is very fertile and being located on the edge of the creek bed, irrigation is very easy and this is one of the most important reasons of the strong landscape area designed in the environment.