Master Plan

Project Location

Kayseri, Turkey

Project Year




Total Construction Area

29.325 m2

Project Category

Master Plan

Kayseri Suriçi Project is a project designed to restore the historical identity of the region, which has lost its historical fabric in time and has lost its connection with the city due to the dynamics of it.

According to the function and characteristics of the project divided into three regions, the first region, creates a connection between the Great Mosque and Kurşunlu Mosque, the second region, contains a museum square revolves around the library,and the third district Tavukçular neighborhood is designed as a bridge to connect these historical regions with a commercial function.

Within the scope of the project area, historical buildings including the historic city walls and the closed bazaar, madrasah, mosque, bazaar, old high school, bath and complex are seen as historical important structures, which vitalize the area.

The present situation of the monumental historical buildings in the project area was analyzed by visiting the region. Most structures have been found to be unusable, in need of maintenance and renewal.

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