Master Plan

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year



Emlak Konut REIC

Total Construction Area

229.056,00 m2

Project Category

Master Plan

Project Status


Kemerburgaz Residental Area

The project area is surrounded by the natural beauties of Istanbul and has strong transportation links. In the project, a self-contained residential area is designed intertwined with nature. Within the residential area, a boulevard has been created, which forms the backbone of transportation and has residences on the ground floors, and commercial residences on the upper floors.

All reinforcement areas are associated with the boulevard and located on this axis and square areas are defined in these areas. The villas are located in the regions on both sides of the boulevard and in these regions, areas with strong neighborly relations have been created. Most of the recreational uses such as sports fields, club building, walking areas are designed in integration with the green buffer created around the project area.

Kemerburgaz Residental
Kemerburgaz Villa
Kemerburgaz Residental Area