Mixed Use

Project Location

Luqa, Malta

Project Year



Skyparks Development

Total Construction Area

24.812 m2

Project Category

Mixed Use

Project Status


Malta Mixed Use Project, Skyparks 2 Building Development Project is a mixed use project, which consist of office, commercial and hotel buildings, with a total land area of 4600 m2. The project area is part of a bigger master plan project which contains different stages and located in Malta International Airport.

The masses have been raised and rotated in the project area to create optimum opening between structures and to provide natural air conditioning. The horizontal building with office and commercial uses takes a lot of sunshine according to the sun analysis. Based on this, the canopy was designed at the top of the building to create shaded areas.

In this structure, an atrium is designed to allow an optimum natural light to enter the structure. On the glass facades, shading is provided by the vertical garden. Horizontal balconies are designed in the round block with hotel and office use. In this way, solar control is provided by creating shady areas from the upper floors to the lower floors.

One of the most important issues in the project area is the connection with the airport. Since the project is designed as a mixed use project to accommodate tourists who come here, the connection with the airport is important. For this reason, recreational pedestrian axes is designed between the project area and the airport.