Mixed Use

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year




Total Construction Area

213.000 m2

Project Category

Mixed Use

Project Status

Under Construction

NEF Bahçeli Evler
NEF Bahçeli Evler Konutları

Located in Bahcelievler District of Istanbul, Turkey, NEF Bahcelievler Complex is currently under construction. At the intersection of Merter Square Shopping Center, alongside the Sehit Ibrahim Koparir street and Mehmet Akif road, right across from the Merter Tramway Station with a distance of 5 Km from the E-5 highway, NEF Bahcelievler has great potentiality in terms of commute as it is located at a very central busy area of Istanbul. Consequently, as the project’s typology is mixed-use mainly housing, decisions of making the design rather isolated and quite in comparison with its busy environment. This has been achieved by building several high-rise towers instead of having an abundant amount of low-rise structures, allowing for much larger open landscape areas that would contribute to atmosphere and the view of the area. 25 of 45 acres of Nef Bahcelievler’s land consists of specially designed landscape.

The 9,000 squaremeters terraces and floor gardens in the project carry the nature into the houses. There is also a 20.000 squaremeters parking area in front of Nef Bahcelievler. On the other hand, areas such as giant pools, special design street lamps, clock towers, ceramic and carpenter workshops, mini greenhouses, wood ovens and pop-up shops are designed with smart, sustainable and comfortable apartments for a prestigious living space.

The central area of the project was designed to provide the visual continuity of the green with the public recreational area in front of the settlement, and this area has been put forward as the “green focal point” of the environmental zone if necessary.

NEF Bahçeli Evler Konutları
NEF Bahçeli Evler Pool Common Area

With Foldhome concept, all the rooms that do not fit into a house can be folded in. This architectural approach, with 24 different room concept, is carrying the all features that a house of 5000 square meters can have and allows you to include your personal areas in the home.

NEF Bahçeli Evler Sketch

The word Bahcelievler in Turkish translates to “garden houses” which occupy most of the area therefore its intended to spread this concept throughout the project from landscape design, green balconies and terraces to environmentally friendly materials, marking it to be the “green” project of its region.

NEF Bahçeli Evler Top View
NEF Bahçeli Evler Sketch
NEF Bahçeli Evler Sketch

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