Okmeydanı Urban Transformation

Urban Transformation

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year



Emlak Konut REIC

Total Construction Area

74.282,50 m2

Project Category

Urban Transformation

Project Status


Base Area Sitting on the Slope

There is a 23-meter elevation difference in the project area and this topography shaped the basic decisions of the design. Topography is divided into 3 parallel regions of 7 meters each and plinth areas are created in these areas. Mass sequences were made on these regions. The remaining 2 meter elevation difference is also included in the project area with its green design.

Low-Rise Blocks

The masses, which are constructed as low-rise and high-rise, are designed in such a way that the low- rise floors are on the inside and the high floors are on the outside. Low-rise houses are placed in the middle area determined at the first stage, and a landscape setup is created.

High-Rise Blocks

High-rise buildings in the project area are placed around the project area and integrated with bases. The circulation axis and entry and exit points in the project area were created at this stage.