Project Location

Muscat, Oman

Project Year



Muscat Municipality

Total Construction Area

15.000 m2

Project Category


Project Status


By designing this project, we were not only targeting just to design a building but also to meet all the needs of the area. Therefore we also designed a master plan that can bring wave of changes starting from facility building to all its environment.. so we didn’t look at this project as just one building, it is more important to think its own environment together…

The project area is located in the industrial zone of Muscat City of Oman. It will be designed as one single service point where all the important facilities will be gathered in this building. The location is in the center of the industrial zone, therefore the proposed design is not addressed only at the building scale. Considering future changes and needs, a master plan has been proposed in the project area. In the design phase of the entire project has been designed that integrates with the surrounding roads, taking into account the region’s original architectural and natural conditions.

The southern part of the project area (The Mosque area) is protected. With the development of the region, the use of a hotel on the north side has been proposed for the accommodation of people and employees who come there for business. In connection therewith, the auditorium, conference and exhibition halls are located in the east of the area. So the land is completely surrounded. The gap left on the southeastern-northwest axis provided pedestrian access and a small market was built on this axis and the regional commercial character of the region was maintained.