Project Location

Ankara, Turkey

Project Year



OYAK Construction

Total Construction Area

8.500 m2

Project Category


Project Status


The project area is located in the Tandoğan District in Çankaya District of Ankara. It was decided to re-use the existing building as Oyak Head Office Building. Roads and its degrees in the environment were the primary factors in the settlement decision. In determining the form, the natural factors in the environment and the location of the structures in the neighboring parcels were taken into consideration.

It was designed in S form by moving away from the existing buildings in the surrounding parcels. By using glass on all four sides of the façade, the natural light requirement of an office building was provided all day long. It is aimed to provide employee satisfaction and intertwined with nature with the green terrace areas created by S form.

It has been decided that green uses should be designed not only on terrace areas but also on the roof. Floors were placed on top of each other by shifting and floor gardens were created. The entrances of the office building are designed taking into consideration the surrounding transport networks. Considering the usage and needs of the office building, different entrances were asked to be designed for different people.

In accordance with the site decisions, the surrounding green area was removed from the surrounding buildings and reinterpreted within the project and special terrace areas were created. In this way, a spacious working environment is created for the employees. The visual interactions between the floors were increased with the gallery spaces created in the circulation areas within the building.