Project Location

Ankara, Turkey

Project Year



MT Real Estate

Total Construction Area‬

140.000 m2

Project Category


Project Status


Park Adana Shopping Center, with a construction area of 140.000 square meters, located in Adana Province of Turkey. The city is famous for its orange trees which in turn impacted the design approach of the project to make its façade resemble said trees implying a nostalgic atmosphere to its visitors. Similarly, the area is located on an aqueduct therefore natural movement of water were presented on the design resembling the aqueducts character which is spread around the city’s ambience. The project is located at a meeting point between two main axis such as the Oxus and Jaxartes rivers. At the beginning of the design period, investors wanted to build a city entertainment center, which is relevant to its context and respectful to its user requirements.

Besides the new and distinctive shopping experience, organized sitting areas were distributed at the main entrance creating a new living space enriched with recreational areas including botanical gardens and fountains, all had participating to highlight the entrance to the building. Visual continuity was implemented between the stories to help ease visitors circulating the premises, crowned by a glass dome skylight the design is illuminated through all its stories, which contributed to minimizing its energy consumption.

Underground spring waters have been added to the project design as an environmentalist approach, also rain water is collected by a designated system, the collected water is brought in so it can be used in the heating and cooling systems and landscape irrigation.

When the shopping mall opened, it quickly became a landmark of the city, achieved by bringing important brands which were unavailable at the time. Park Adana is now an important node providing many functions varying from food courts, cinema and entertainment centers, retail stores fitness center making it a perfect meeting area in its location.

Due to the location of the Park Adana Shopping center with its hot weather and its proximity to the airport, acoustic and heat performances were primarily taken into consideration during the selection glass material, and the technical specifications were evaluated by criteria such as outward reflection, shading efficiency, solar factor, daylight permeability and thermal conductivity to ensure maxim indoor comfort.