Riva Master Plan Project

Master Plan

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year




Total Construction Area

1.438.300 m2

Project Category

Master Plan

Project Status


The project area is located in the north of Istanbul, 5 km from the point where the Bosphorus opens to the Black Sea. It is located on the east side, within the Black Sea to the north, the state forest to the east and south, the Riva Stream to the west and the Beylikmandıra Farm, which is partly a state forest.

The Riva Project has been studied on a masterplan scale and consists of parcel areas with different concepts at the neighborhood scale. Each of the villas and residences in the project has its own garden. At the same time, since each parcel is designed like a neighborhood, it contains various social facilities. The most attractive point of the project, which was designed in the masterplan scale, is the golf course designed with 18 holes.