Mixed Use

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year




Total Construction Area

495.026,88 m2

Project Category

Master Plan

Project Status

Under Construction

As SP Architects, we are very happy to announce that our Tema Istanbul 2 Project, which we have been working on for about 1,5 years, was put up for sale with the launching meeting. We are also very happy with the intense interest in our project, which we worked studiously in every detail.

When we started the project, our dream was to create a system that would benefit not only its location but also its surroundings. We think this approach played a part in the success of the fact that most of the units were sold in the first week of sale.

The project is considered as a master plan and all decisions are made to serve the environment. The project area includes residential, villa, commercial areas, educational areas, mosque, university, cultural facility areas and health clinic. The total construction work is 20%, and large green areas make a great contribution to the design of the project.