Mixed Use

Project Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Year



Tema Construction

Total Construction Area

112.583,00 m2

Project Category

Mixed Use

Project Status


After all the analyzes made, it has been decided that a total design should be created between TemaIstanbul and TemaWorld Project, so a design should be made on this site which creates a gradual elevation in the section. It is important to plan a landscape that looks at the entire TemaWorld landscape in the project, but it is also quieter and tranquil in itself, with plenty of green water, cafes, and activity areas. It is also important to design the private school designed as a commercial use within the project area. It is important that the apartments that are low rise and spacious with spacious balconies and high comfort in the interior architecture and the prospective project in the project area located in a prominent position stand out among the prestigious projects in the province.

Decisions of the situation in the design phase of the project have been taken in relation to the environment. Blocks were directed to establish a visual connection with the theme park project to be located in the south of the area. In harmony with the topography, the school is situated on the northern front in terms of ease of access, while residences rise gradually in order to provide maximum benefit from the scenery.

Landscape architecture with residential blocks has been set up as a whole. Direct access to each residential block is provided to the landscaping application, which offers visual satisfaction with its organic form of design. It offers an environment where users can socialize with their recreational space and water items.

The housing blocks are confused and gradually placed in the ground, and no structure has been closed. On this site, the residents of the site, who can benefit from the daylight equally, also have easy access to the view.