Trabzon Comlekci

Urban Transformation

Project Location

Trabzon, Turkey

Project Year



Emlak Konut REIC

Total Construction Area

58.113,40 m2

Project Category

Urban Transformation

Project Status


Çömlekçi Quarter is affiliated to Ortahisar District of Trabzon. With the metropolitan draft law adopted on 12 November 2012, the name of the central district of Trabzon, which is a metropolitan city, was determined as Ortahisar. Ortahisar, the largest district of the city, also has evidence showing that it is the oldest settlement with its historical and cultural heritage. It is possible to come across many castle ruins, especially in the center and along the coast. These castle ruins, many of which have shown the resistance to survive from thousands of years to the present, stand as clear evidence of how old the region is.