SP Architects:
A Differentiated
Architectural Practice

SP Architects has been continuing its works and producing large scale projects such as master plans, mixed use and urban transformations since 2005, has a large portfolio in different sectors such as residential, commercial, health and education.

As one of the largest and renown architectural practices in Turkey, we are working within a BIM environment with our team of 150+ architects based at our Istanbul Office.

The office has the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and Certificate. As of October 2018, SP Architects has been anounced as a Design Center by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

A Reliable, Quick-to-Respond & Inhouse Expertise Team

As SP Architects, we have a strong, young and dynamic team of 150+ architects and multidisciplinary designers. Hence we used to be quick to respond and experience to create projects in every scale, we can provide feasible solutions.

Our organizational chart is designed to consist of large teams formed by small project teams. Every team works on their project from concept to construction drawings. In addition we also have a business development department and a seperate creative team working on all the presentation works of the projects and the brand identity of our office.

Thanks to our whole team, we are growing day by day.

sp architects teams

We Believe BIM is The Best Tool to Create Future-Ready & Efficient Projects

At the beginning of 2016, we founded SP Academy to adapt our team to BIM System for creating future-ready projects and collaborated with Autodesk.

Today we provide architectural services from concept to construction drawings by using Revit, Dynamo, Navisworks, BIM 360. Analyzing the site and climate conditions is the key factor to start a sustainable project. We work with our Static and MEP Partners in the same model and can provide an architectural project in every level of detail.

Thanks to BIM, we manage our projects more effective, we can work multidisciplinary and interactive. As a result, we deliver our projects faster with better quality, manage the revisions better by minimizing errors and do the cost management better by delivering construction simulations to the clients.

We Produce Efficient, Innovative, High Quality & Life-Long Projects

As SP Architects, we keep developing both global and local large-scale projects such as master plans, residential, commercial, urban transformation, urban renaissance, mixed-use projects and social facilities such as hospitals and education buildings.

With our strong client portfolio consisting of successful construction companies and various investors, we continue to create projects on both international and national scales within countries such as; Germany, UAE, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and with vast collection spread in Turkey.

We explain our design concept with the statement of “Creating lively and prosperous spaces”, believing that a good process management is just as important as the design itself. We work with our consultants and partners from different disciplines, with the emphasis on maintaining good communication with the client from the concept phase to the construction and site supervision.

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We Believe
The Power of Collaboration

As an international office, who believes the power of collaboration, we’ve been collaborating with the local architectural offices and firms from different sectors around the world.

Since the beginning of 2019, according to our development plan, we decided to expand our business in Europe. Now, we are happy to announce our collaboration with TEK TO NIK Architekten, which is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Please feel free to contact us for collaboration & partnership opportunities. We will always be happy to talk about what we can create together.

tek to nik architekten